The Blessing Moth Discovery

My Blessing Moth website describes a selection of memorable events concerning my Haploa Clymene moth sighting in 2002, and the amazing spiritual journey I have been on ever since. Significant events that make my sighting of the moth with a crucifix pattern on its wings special include:

  • The day of my moth sighting was the same day my wife and I were baptized in Emerald Lake, Dorset, Vermont.

  • My moth discovery was the first registered U. S. Geological Survey (USGS) sighting of the Haploa Clymene moth in the state of Vermont.

  • To commemorate the significance of my Haploa Clymene moth sighting on the day I was baptized, I designed a stainless-steel medallion from a photo I had taken of the moth.

  • In 2014, when preparing for our 35th wedding anniversary vacation to Ireland, I performed a “Colman Ireland” Internet search that revealed a Saint Colman Mac Duagh who lived in the west of Ireland from 560 AD – 632 AD.

  • Saint Colman’s legacy and website describes his “miraculous baptism” shortly after his birth in 560 AD. Because of my unique baptism experience and crucifix moth discovery in 2002, our “special baptisms” made me want to learn more about this legendary saint.

  • A photo on the Saint Colman website of a church ruin in Ireland showed a side altar with a crucifix statue. The size of the crucifix statue photo and the wing pattern of my moth medallion are a near perfect match.

Saint Colman is known for the blessings he bestowed upon the people of Ireland more than 1,400 years ago, and his feast day continues to be celebrated annually on October 29th by the residents of Kiltartan and others throughout the world.

My wife and I embarked on our 35th wedding anniversary pilgrimage to Ireland in June 2015, and it was on that trip that my story and desire to learn more about Saint Colman began to intensify.

In recent years, my purpose has been to share my testimony and the legacy of Saint Colman with others who may be seeking a sign of faith. It is a mission of sharing the story and spreading the blessing.

Ireland is a country known for its many myths and legends and some of my research has uncovered conflicting information, which can be expected when digging back more than 1,400 years in time. All of the events involving my Haploa Clymene moth discovery and connections to Saint Colman and the people of Ireland are real.

There are many more “events” regarding my spiritual journey and my website cannot describe them all. I am currently working on a book that I hope to publish next year. In the meantime, I hope reading my testimony provides a blessing to you that lifts your spirit.

David Colman

Some of our lovely Blessing Moth items.

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